GC 342

GC 342 / GC 342+ fire protection adapter * Necessary for laying the connection cable hinge side/opposite hinge side with drill hole diameters of 5 mm

GC 342 Fire protection adapter
  • Insertable interface board
  • Master-slave replacement cable for GC 342 / GC 342+
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Application Areas

  • Optional accessory for the GC 342
  • For fire protection doors, please consult the door manufacturer concerning the permission prior drilling the hole
  • Compatible with GC 342+ if both it and a drive are mounted on the opposite hinge side.
  • GC 342 and GC 342+ can be combined if the activation function of the GC 342+ is not needed.

Technical data

GC 342 / GC 342+ fire protection adapter
Dimensions 200 mm

Variants & Accessories