Radar movement detectors

GC 307+ Non-contact proximity switch for activating automatic doors

GC 307+ hand, flush mounted, blue
  • Doors can be opened without a requirement for tactile perception
  • External input for LED colour change
  • Detects persons and objects in a detection area of 10 - 60 cm
  • Scanning ranges adjustable to make environmentally and user-specific adjustments
  • Hand-height mounting ensures convenient, barrier-free access
  • Can also be installed behind tiles or glass
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  • Adjustable via DIP switches and remote control: acoustic feedback, LED colours, LED animations, pulse/toggle mode
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Non-contact proximity switch for activating automatic doors

Application Areas

  • Non-contact activation of automatic swing, sliding, folding, revolving and curved sliding doors
  • Interior and external doors
  • Rooms with high hygiene demands

Technical data

GC 307+
Technology Electromagnetic radar waves
Output Electrical relay
IP rating IP65
Cable connection type Screw terminal
Scanning range adjustment via DIP switch, with remote control
Installation height at hand level
Transmission frequency 24.15 GHz
Service temperature -20 - 55 °C
Standard conformity RED 2014/53/EU, RoHS 2011/65/EU