External smoke switch control units

RSZ 7 Extendable smoke switch control unit for all GEZE hold-open devices

RSZ 7 Rauchschalterzentrale Lösung für ungünstige Sturzsituationen, die zum Beispiel zu wenig Raum über den Rauchkammern lassen: Die Rauchschalterzentrale RSZ 7 verfügt über eine Teleskop-Funktion. Der Rauchmelder lässt sich ausfahren und kann dadurch Überstände von etwa 30 Millimeter überbrücken.
  • Telescopic function for bridging overhangs of up to 30 mm
  • Connection to 230 V power supply and 24 V DC supply of the hold-open device
  • Voltage supply of the hold-open system is interrupted in the case of an alarm and the doors close
  • Integrated smoke switch with automatic adaption of the alarm threshold
  • Compensates for light contamination of the smoke chamber and thus increases the service life
  • Visual display of the current control unit status
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  • Additional smoke switches can be connected
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Application Areas

  • Approved for all GEZE hold-open devices for the early detection of fire and smoke
  • Difficult lintel situations, for example with too little space above the smoke chamber
  • Installation above the active leaf on the vertical wall
  • Installation possible with surface-mounted line-feed

Technical data

Supply voltage 230 V
Frequency of supply voltage 50/60 Hz
Output power 6.3 W
Current consumption 0.08 A
IP rating IP20
protection rating II
Output voltage 24 V DC
Connection of additional smoke switches 2
Height 30 mm
Depth 55 mm
Ambient temperature -5 °C - 50 °C