Door opening restriction

Boxer pivot bearing * Integrated pivot bearing for opening restriction or hold-open function for doors without door closer

GEZE Boxer pivot bearing Integrated door closer with electric free swing function and comfort hold-open function locks the door at the end of the free swing area.
  • Holds doors without door closer open, not self-closing
  • The door opening angle is limited and a door stopper is usually no longer required
  • Door area is more attractive without door stopper, no tripping hazards or dirty corners
  • Can be used for right and left hand doors without conversion
  • Crushing between the door leaf and floor mounted door stopper is avoided
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Application Areas

  • Right and left single- and double-action doors
  • Opening restriction for single- and double-action doors without door closer
  • Door systems without smoke and fire protection requirements
  • For combination of an automatic swing door drive with a Boxer on 2-leaf door systems

Technical data

Boxer pivot bearing
Type of installation Concealed
Hold-open function Optional