Light curtains

GC 341 * Safety sensor for automatic doors

GC 341 Light curtain GC 341 Light curtain
  • Reliable detection up to an installation height of 3500 mm.
  • Four adjustable light curtain configurations without additional light prisms
  • Convenient commissioning via dip switch
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Safety sensor for automatic doors

Application Areas

  • Protection of automatic sliding doors
  • Automatic sliding doors without protective leaves to the protect secondary closing edge
  • Interior and exterior doors

Technical data

GC 341
Dimensions 267 x 61 x 38 mm
Technology Active infrared beams
Number of active infrared detectors 2
operating voltage 12-30 V DC / 12-24 V AC
Operating current 100 mA
IP rating IP54
Cable connection type System plug-type connector
Connection cable length 3000 mm
Installation height (min.) 2000 mm
Installation height (max.) 3500 mm
Service temperature -20 - 55 °C
Humidity < 80 % relative, non-condensing
Standard conformity DIN 18650, EN 16005