Building automation systems

myGEZE Control maximum system expansion * Controller system as maximum system expansion with GEZE CAN bus, I/O technology and KNX to connect all GEZE products and third-party products.

myGEZE Control
  • System consists of: basic device, 10x 8-channel digital input terminals, 24 V DC potential distribution terminals, power supply terminals, 10x 2-channel relay output terminals, 10x 4-channel relay output terminals, 5x CAN master terminals + CAN connectors, E-Bus coupler, 2x KNX/EIB terminals, bus end terminal
  • System is also available without CAN master terminals and digital input and output terminals
  • Maximum system expansion for one control unit, which allows for the connection of up to 200 product systems from the entire product portfolio
  • Comprehensive, project-specific configuration according to user specifications possible (system designation, comment texts, status texts)
  • Time functions and grouped switching commands configurable via scene applications
  • BACnet alarm concept integrated, can be adjusted to customer-specific requirements
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BACnet Building Controller to connect up to a max. of 200 product systems via 5 CAN-BUS lines, 80 digital input signals (24 V DC), 40 digital output signals (relays), GEZE KNX system

Application Areas

  • BACnet IP integration in building management systems
  • Networking of GEZE products that can be connected with CAN bus technology
  • Networking of non BUS capable components via digital input and output terminals
  • Networking of KNX capable GEZE window drives in the building management system
  • Products suitable for emergency exit systems: TZ 320, TZ 321 and TZ 322
  • Products suitable for automatic door drives: Slimdrive, Powerturn, TSA 325 NT and Revo.PRIME
  • Products suitable for smoke and heat extraction systems: MBZ 300 in different versions
  • Products suitable for window systems: Slimchain, Powerchain, F 1200+ and locking systems
  • For products with I/O technology like GEZE hold-open systems and third-party products
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