Ventilation control units

IQ box KNX * Interface module to connect the Slimchain, Powerchain, E 250 NT and F 1200+ window drives in the KNX building bus

IQ box KNX Top hat rail variant for installation on a TS35 top hat rail. Space needed 18 mm (1 HU)
  • Activation and feedback of the window drives via the KNX building bus
  • One IQ box KNX per window connects up to four window drives and two locking drives
  • All drives from the GEZE IQ windowdrive series can be combined and integrated according to the planning status
  • Greater efficiency for building monitoring thanks to reliable status reports
  • Integrated push button interface to connect components such as push buttons and sensors
  • Status report from every automated window possible
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  • Easy to retrofit, can be extended as required
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Application Areas

  • Natural ventilation in façades and the roof area
  • Direct connection of the Slimchain, Powerchain, E 250 NT and F 1200+ drives in KNX building systems
  • For top hat rail or flush-mounted installation

Technical data

IQ box KNX
Type of installation Surface-mounted, Flush-mounted installation
Max. cable length to push buttons 30 m
Max. cable length to window 50 m
Voltage at operation 24 V ± 25 %
Current consumption 0.02 A
Service temperature -5 - 70 °C
IP rating IP20
protection rating III
KNX movement commands Open/close, step/stop, target position in %, speed in %, block
KNX status reports Position in %, opened, closed, not closed,-opening, closing, intermediate position
Ventilation Timed ventilation, gap ventilation, wind alarm, rain alarm

Variants & Accessories