Powerturn IS/TS

Powerturn IS/TS passive leaf * Passive leaf unit for the Powerturn IS/TS programme

TS 4000 for Powerturn IS/TS passive leaf (DIN right)
  • Adjustable closing force of EN3-7 with variable adjustment
  • Closing force of EN4-7 with variable adjustment
  • With TS 5000 for transom installation on the hinge side, closer size EN4-6 with back check, without roller guide rail
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Application Areas

  • Single-action doors up to 3200 mm hinge clearance with link arm installation
  • Single-action doors up to 3000 mm hinge clearance with roller guide rail installation
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical division of door possible

Technical data

Powerturn IS/TS passive leaf
Height 70 mm
Depth 130 mm
Leaf width (min.-max.) 1600 mm
Spring pre-load EN7 - EN3
Transom installation opposite hinge side with link arm Yes
Transom installation hinge side with guide rail Yes
Mechanical latching action Yes
Mechanical closing sequence control Yes
Standard conformity EN 1154:1996/A1:2002/AC:2006, EN 1158
Suitability for fire protection doors Yes


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